Private Chat Software

This private chat software is designed and built by vidaltek.

Employees in companies are now using commercial messaging apps, such as yahoo messager, skype, or any other popular chat apps. The problems with those apps in a work environment are many. The following is a partial list:

  • It is difficult to keep company confidential info within the company. It is very easy for employees to inadvertently send company info, document to other users of the chat app who are not company employees.
  • The potential for abuse is unavoidable (texting personal messages during work hours, etc.)
  • Employees will be distracted by non-work related messages from other users who are not in the same company.
  • Employers cannot control the usage of information being sent back and forth.

This private chat software provides companies a group chart app & web site that supports the following functions:

  • Allows instant communication on any device: iPhone, Android or PC (browser app)
  • The administrator can set up Groups (or Department) and invite employees to each group. Group can be private (only those who are invited can see the group) or Public (visible to all and anyone can request to join the group).
  • Message can be sent to the individual or the entire group.
  • Message can be broadcast (sent) to all users in the company. This is useful for a company announcement.
  • Users can attach documents and images to a message. All messages and files are located on the company server.