CPMS Non Scanning Version

Project Name: CPMS Non Scanning Version

Description:  This CPMS web app will be used in a Pharmacy  to manage the process of creating Compounded Medication. Most medication are manufactured in mass quality that are suitable for most patients.  However there are cases when a patient needs “customized medication” for his/her illness. The technical term for this customized medication is  Compounded medications or Compound Products. They are made based on a medical doctor’s prescription in which individual ingredients (or drugs – the term ingredient or drug prefers to the same thing in this document) are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage as needed to treat the illness.  A typical Compound Product may have several ingredients and a diluent (which is used to mix and combine all ingredients into a liquid or gel form.) Pharmacist can use barcode to scan product to add them to the compound.

  1. CPMS is designed to be hosted on a server to support multiple Customers who purchase this software.  A customer can be a large company with many hospitals in different locations. Each hospital usually has a pharmacy. So all the database design have keys to identify records that belong to a particular customer at a particular location.
  2. A Compound Product may contain one or more than one Additives and one Diluent.
  3. Each Additive will have one ore more than one ingredients.
  4. Each Additive will have a Strength field, for example 1250 milligrams (mg).  An Additive many have one or many different Ingredients.
  5. Each ingredient has its own dosage (i.e. 1,000 mg)
  6. and the total dosage of all Ingredients should be equal or greater that the Additive Strength (it is added by adding drug directly to the compound.)

Language & Technology: PHP

URL: http://demo.csp-797.com/index.php